Pastured Pigs

We may be biased but there is nothing like home-grown pork. We raise Duroc/York/Landrace pigs because they are healthy, durable pigs suited to the changeable Nebraska climate. They are large, friendly, LOOOONG (give lots of bacon) and have large litters. If you want feeder pigs, pigs to start your own herd or you would like us to grow out a butcher pig for you; we can do it.

Image by Lucas Vinicius Peixoto

Why "Pastured"?

Most pigs raised in industrial / commercial settings are raised on concrete in small pens. Our pigs live with their hooves in the dirt. They root, they dig holes, they eat grubs...they do what pigs are meant to do. This gives the meat a different texture and flavor than pigs that do nothing but sit around and eat all day. Try it, you will taste the difference.

Meet the Team

A Family of Workers


Romeo (Duroc/York/Landrace)

Herd "Papa"


Juliet (York / Landrace)

Herd Mama


Coming Soon!

Bacon Seeds