Nigerian Dwarf Herd

Meet our original herd. Anchored by Hanna (who we have had since 2017) and Old Bill, this group of goats is quiet, gentle and from good stock. This group of goats is unregistered but have produced excellent offspring for us on a consistent basis.


Hanna (Hannible)


Old Bill (William)


Rosie (deceased)

Hanna was the very first goat in our herd. She comes from a good line and was registerable with ADGA but we decided to leave her unpapered as we were not showing and were not planning on selling goats at the time. She has been a great mama for us and often produces triplets.

Old Bill is a fertile boy who loves his ladies. He has been a great sire for us and produces consistently year after year.

Rosie was one of our original goats along with Hannah. VERY friendly and a great mother, she often gave us triplets. We were sorry to lose her.







Sire: Old Bill
Dame: Rosie (deceased)
Born: Aug 2018. Petal is a friendly and gentle soul but not blessed with an abundance of brains. She seems to get stuck in the fence more often than any of our other goats and needs to be reminded to stop eating long enough to let her babies feed.

Sire: Old Bill
Dame: Rosie
Born: June 2019
Gentle and pleasant. Seems more curious than the average goat. Never gets herself into trouble and takes great care of her young. Gives twins.

Sire: Old Bill

Dame: Hanna

Born: Aug 2019

Friendly but a little more shy than some of the other goats. Is quite independent and just gave birth for the first time. Unfortunately, we had a cold snap and by the time we found the baby, it was too late.





Born: This beautiful registered billy has just joined the farm. He has a great personality and has clearly been around people alot. Tigger comes from a line of goats with great milk qualities and will be the sire to our registered Nigerian herd.

Sire: Old Bill
Dame: Petal
Born: 04 Feb 2021
Petal was so large we thought she must have 3 in there but nope, just Rosa came out. Nothing as cute as a newborn goat skipping around and causing trouble.