• Mark James

Off to a busy start...

January was a FULL month for us. In addition to keeping up with work and home-schooling, we have been making progress in several of our farm projects.

  1. Mae: has taken on a new role at work. Mae will never brag about her accomplishments but she has made herself very valuable at work and, as a consequence, has to keep learning new skills as they give her more and more responsibility.

  2. Mark: School has started back and when I am not occupied with that I have been focusing on development of Beekeeper Academy and preparing for having pigs on the farm again.

  3. Boys: learning to remove nuisance beaver by trapping. While this is not part of our traditional farm enterprises, learning fur-handling has been educational and beaver turns out to be a pretty tasty meat. (Ok, not ALL of the members of this household agree with that last one)

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