• Mark James

Feeder Pigs, Pastured Pork, Sows in the Snow

Whatever you call them, pigs were known as "mortgage lifters" on homesteads across America. They are hardy, surprisingly intelligent, prolific breeders and can eat almost anything including kitchen scraps, old garden vegetables, roots, even bones! When we started raising feeder pigs we began with Berkshire Hogs. They were touted as the "Wagu Beef" of the pork world. Good meat for sure! But the pigs were only average in size and litters were somewhat small. This year we switched to Duroc x York/Hampshire. The characteristics of these pigs are: durable, long, lean and LARGE litters. And surprisingly, they seem to do great in the snow. Despite the cold weather, they are out and about, rooting in the snow, chewing on sticks and showing the goats who is boss. Their little bacon seeds should appear by the end of this month and we are looking forward to watching them grow.

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