• Mark James

Another Great Partnership

I have taught at the Science Focus Program since 2007 and morphed into the "Biology teacher" several years later. One of the best rewards for being a teacher is that you get to live on a constant learning curve and as I got deeper into my new classes I started to think more about my own family and our ecological footprint. This month I proposed a partnership between our farm and the school to create a Food Recycling Program at SFP and today was day ONE. With a large garden constantly begging for compost and pigs that will happily eat any food waste not suited for the compost pile, its nice to have the two halves of my life coming together. And I am happy to report that the results look promising: today I brought home 10.1 pounds of food scraps from the School. I don't know that it is particularly good that there are 10 pounds being thrown away each day but it IS good that it is a) not going into the landfill and b) can be useful on this side of things.

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