• Mark James

Alone we can do so little...

Of course, when Helen Keller said that she didn't stop there "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." This year we are happy to announce a partnership with David and Nancy Brodersen with Queen Bee Acres in Yankton SD. David will be supplying us with 6 new hives. Hand-made and hand delivered for a great price. If you have been thinking about getting a hive but can't quite stomach the prices from the "big boys" you might want to give Queen Bee Acres a lookl

Beekeepers need good equipment and its easy to get taken in by gadgets like the "flow hive" but wow, the pricetag! I think a good beekeeper is like a good teacher, we can make do with very little, but at the very least, your bees need a good home. Thank you David & Nancy!


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